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Fairness, honesty, reliability and reasonably priced are terms everyone hears as catch-phrases in the auto repair industry. Frankly, they seem overused cliches and often, for some auto repair businesses, they just are not true.

What makes Ark Auto Repair West different? We got you covered! We repair all makes and models with an Advance Technet warranty. In addition, we take our goal to return your vehicle to you the same day seriously. Our estimates are fair and we don’t have a lot of frills so we are not passing extraneous costs onto you. We do not up-sell because we respect and value each and every customer.



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Scheduled Mainentence

Transmission Service

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Brakes Service

A car that starts and runs is not safe unless it can stop safely.  Disc brakes, drum brakes, parking brakes and anti-lock brake systems can be checked/repaired by our experienced professionals.

Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping your car in top performance is the best way to avoid more costly repairs. Give us a call today and let us help keep you reliably and safely on the road.


Transmission Service

Steep inclines, constant in-town driving and towing can really put a strain on your transmission. Have your transmission checked regularly. Should you need repairs, feel confident that our Technet certified professionals will provide timely and efficient service.

Exhaust Service

What is the one system of your car that is most prone to damage? Your exhaust system. The catalytic converter, exhaust pipe and muffler are all under your car and take a daily beating of rocks, bumps and corrosive materials.


Having control of your vehicle when confronted with rain, snow and unexpected obstacles just may save your life and those you love. Your tires are where the rubber meets the road. Consult with one of our professionals for tire service and new tire purchases that meet your needs.


A dead battery is very frustrating and happens when we least expect it. Our professional staff can assist you with choosing and providing safe installation of the battery that best suits your needs.


Poor wheel alignment will affect your tire wear and gas mileage. You can save hundreds of dollars just by having your wheels aligned.  Ask one of our professionals on wheel alignment frequency for your vehicle.


A rough ride is not just hard on you but is extremely hard on every part of your car, causing costly repairs over time. Your experience at Ark Auto Repair will be just a smooth as your ride.


Heating and Air Conditioning

Driving your car should be a comfortable experience. Whether it is below zero or a sweltering day, our team at Ark Auto Repair can have you driving in comfort in no time.

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